Versa Key Tags (New & Used Vehicles)

Versa Key Tags (250pk)

The original self –protecting Key Tag is still the best! Just a simple fold and it is made! Includes chrome plated steel rings. Write on with any pen or marker, fold and seal.  Several colours available.

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Versa-Tag key tags are still the #1 preferred auto ID tag of car dealers. The durable, self-laminating ID tags make organizing lot car keys easy. Versa key tags are available in an array of 7 bright, no-fade colors, allowing dealers to color code car keys for simpler inventory keeping; the colorful key tags are also eye-catching and attractive to prospective buyers.
Smudge-free Versa-Tag key tags may be written on using any pen, pencil or marker. Just one simple fold, and the tag is laminated instantly. Rugged self-protecting ID tags outlast other vinyl and paper key tags, maintaining a bright, clean appearance even after months of use.
Versa key tags come with chrome plated steel rings which stay bright – permanently. No rusting, smudging or tearing; these auto ID tags are made to last! A must-have supply for any automotive dealership.


  • Tag dimensions: 3″ x 3″ unlaminated, 1 1/2″ x 3″ when folded.

  • Available tag colors: Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Tan, Gray and Lilac.

  • Versa tags are sold 250 per box, with 250 chrome plated steel rings included in each order. Weight per box: 4lbs.

  • Mixed color Versa key tag orders are now available! Mixed packs contain 50 each of yellow, white, red, blue and green Versa tags.

  • Versa-Tag key tags contain fields for vehicle year, make, model, body, color, inventory # and new or used status.
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